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3 Major Reasons for Dirty House Siding And How to Clean Them

The dirtiest part of your home, the one that gets the most scrutiny, is your home’s exterior. The roof, walls, siding, and windows, all come in for the most attention. Over time, these surfaces can lose their luster, crack and peel, and even develop ugly stains and dirt. The good news is that cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in preventing these unsightly problems from occurring.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the 3 things that cause dirty house siding, and how to clean them! Dirty House Siding can be caused by a number of factors – from heavy rain or snowstorms to just everyday wear-and-tear. Whatever the reason for your dirty exterior walls, there’s no need to panic as it’s not difficult at all to get rid of that dirt buildup.

Dirty siding can be caused by a variety of things.

Siding problems can usually be remedied by cleaning. Dirty siding can be caused by a variety of things, including:

  • common outdoor pollutants that stick to siding and make it dirty, such as grease, dirt, smoke residue from cigarettes, or cooking fires.
  • vegetation growing up against the house and trapping moisture.
  • siding that is not sealed and can’t keep out moisture.

Buildup of dirt, pollen, Grime, Bird and Insect droppings

particles such as dirt can also accumulate on your house sidings over time which will make your house siding look ugly and gross. The easiest way to remove this problem is to have professional cleaning services clean the outside of your home. As an alternative, you can clean your house yourself.

Take a bucket of water and soap, find a soft brush. Clean the top part of your house first because this is what people are most likely to notice when they drive by your home or walk past it. If possible, hire a professional cleaning service that can tackle other areas such as the gutter systems which tend to accumulate dirt over time

Grease and oil from cars

The thing about greasy stains is that they are difficult to remove because they are caused by the build-up of oil and grease, which are not water-soluble. To prevent the build-up of grease and oil on vinyl siding, you have to clean it frequently.

How to prevent the build-up on your house siding

it’s important to take care of home siding. If you don’t take of build-up it can lead to a costly repair.

Schedule Regular Exterior House Cleanings

To avoid the build-up on your house siding, you need to schedule regular exterior house cleanings.

Use Mold Resistant Cleaners When Cleaning Your home’s Siding

You want to prolong the growth of mold. Use a cleaner like bleach to help prevent mold from coming back.

Get Rid of Any Climbing Vines

Climbing vines can cause dirty siding on your home, which will eventually lead to mold. Keep climbing vines at bay by cutting them off and disposing of them.

How to clean your home exterior

It is recommended to clean your home exterior once a year with a soft and pressure wash by a cleaning professional. I’m going to you show the top ways to clean your house siding

Use a garden hose with a cleaning solution

you can use a cleaning solution that you can buy at your local home improvement that attaches to your garden hose then spray your house down. then scrape it off using a long-handled scrub brush or sponge.

Soap, bleach, and water

This is the old-school method of cleaning your house siding.

mix one cup of bleach, with a gallon of water, and use a sponge to scrub away the dirt on your vinyl siding or other exterior materials.

It’s recommended that you wear gloves while washing down dirty house siding, this will help avoid getting any chemicals in contact with skin

Pressure Washing Machine

You can rent a pressure wash machine for your local home improvement store.

Warning, you can cause serious harm to house siding if you’re not careful.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner

Why you should hire a professional to clean your house siding

the siding of your house is a delicate area.it’s fragile and hard to repair.

when a homeowner attempt to use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of their home. They run the ruining their home siding. leaving you liable for the cost of repairs.

Profession cleaners have years of experience to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If it does happen, they have insurance to cover any damages to your property.


hope this blog post was helpful to you. Now that you know the three major reasons for dirty house siding, it will be easier to avoid them. I recommend hiring a professional if you’re trying to clean your home’s exterior as they have years of experience and insurance in case something happens!

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