High Pressure Cleaning Services

Carlisle High Pressure Cleaning Services: Your Best Choice for All your House Washing Needs

Lots of Carlisle area residents are looking for a good company to help them with their high-pressure cleaning needs. Legacy Softwash is here to make your life easier by providing you with services that will leave your home or business cleaner than it

Best Exterior House Washing Services in Carlisle PA

Legacy Softwash offers the best house wash services. increase your home curb appeal by giving it a facelift.

We offer a wide array of exterior cleaning services. We specialize in soft and pressure washing. Our cleaning specialists have years of experience to make sure we get the job done right.

we have a wide array of cleaning services to care of outdoor surfaces

Driveway cleaning – remove oil, grease stains, and grime much more from your driveway.

Fence cleaning – bring new fences and gates by getting them pressure washed.

Decking cleaning – take care of bird droppings for your house’s deck.

vinyl siding cleaning – remove grass clippings, dust, pollen and give your house an instant facelift.

gutter cleaning – avoid costly repairs by cleaning your house gutters once a year.

Roof Cleaning – Remove black streaks from your home’s roof and expand the life span of your roof.

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How Your Home’s Exterior Accumulates Dirt

Dirt and pollen can cover your house’s siding. It is common for the dirt to fly up in the air and land on the siding. Sometimes if you are outside or driving by your house, it will get on your siding. No matter what kind of siding you have, dirt will collect on it no matter what

Ridding your siding of dirt will make it clean and shiny. This will protect the paint and surface, so it is important to keep it clean.

High Pressure Cleaning Services

 Why choose legacy Softwash

We are house wash experts. We have years of experience and done more cleaning than we can count.

we can clean about just everything roofs, decks, fences, driveways, garden furniture.

eco-friendly products – All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and biodegradable

Safe & Effective House Washing – Our team of cleaning professional are trained to safely clean your house exterior without causing any damage

Competitive pricing – we pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic service with great customer service at an affordable price

Timely service – we can book your house wash in less than a day.

Customers satisfied – we have 100’s satisfied customers enjoying their newfound house curb appeal.

24-hour service availability – if need us, we can be there and take care of your cleaning needs.

100% Satisfaction Pressure Washing Services Guarantee

We do the job right the first time, or we will come back and do it all over.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and performing great service on all jobs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is soft washing environmentally friendly?

Soft washing uses less water than traditional pressure washing. We use only eco-friendly biodegradable products

What is the best time of year to pressure wash your house and how often?

Between early spring and late fall. Pressure washing a house is something that can be done most time of the year because the dirt on your house will always replenish itself if left to its own devices.

Houses need to be pressure washed every year for a variety of reasons, like keeping bugs away from problem areas and restoring wood to perfection. High-pressure water removes all the dirt and grime off the exterior walls in seconds! In addition to protecting your home’s longevity, it also increases curb appeal – who wouldn’t want an impeccably clean home? If you haven’t already had one yet this year. Contact us for a free quote

Should I hire a professional pressure washer or do it myself?

Yeah, you can run the risk of damaging your house exterior if you don’t use a professional.

Pressure washers use high-pressure streams of water. That kind of force might ruin your home’s delicate areas and cost you more. 

it’s worth hiring a pro and getting them to do the job right! They’ll make sure everything is clean in no time flat!

what are the black streaks on my roof?

It’s most likely black streaks from algae called Gloeocapsa magma. The spores get into the gutters and they grow on the roof which is usually wet because it rains heavily in the springtime.

If you have more question check our full list of FAQ here